Thomasville Walmart employee assaulted

Thomasville Walmart employee assaulted
Det. Crystal Parker
Det. Crystal Parker

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A man is behind bars after officers say he assaulted a Walmart employee when he was suspected of shoplifting. Walmart says the employee did exactly as he is trained.

What would you do if you witnessed someone shoplifting and walking right out of the store? Luckily, Walmart has employees trained to spot suspected shoplifters and to notify police.

"These people, it's their job to track shoplifters in the store and then try to get them to voluntarily stay until the law enforcement can get there," Thomasville Police Detective Crystal Parker.

That's exactly what one loss prevention officer tried to do last Friday night when he spotted this man 27-year-old Tommie Mitchell, allegedly taking items from this Thomasville Walmart, and walking out .

"When they tried to stop him, the shoplifter then assaulted the Walmart employee," said Parker.

Detectives say Mitchell punched the employee and knocked him down. But the employee didn't fight back--- following Walmart's protocol of notifying the suspect that police are on their way.

"It's obviously a criminal matter and it's up to them to carry out the investigation from there," said Walmart Spokesperson Brian Nick.

Detectives say Mitchell drove away from the scene-- but they were able to locate and arrest him this morning all thanks to social media.

"We were able to identify them with the use of our Facebook page. I posted a photo up there and we were able to get some feedback from the community," said Parker.

Mitchell is now charged with simple battery but police are looking for 33 year old Terrie Mitchell who may be connected to the assault as well. If you have any information, call Thomasville Police.

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