Stranger helps grandmother escape burning home

Stranger helps grandmother escape burning home
Amori Williams, mother and fire victim
Amori Williams, mother and fire victim

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany family is thanking a stranger who helped them escape their burning home.

That fire happened at an apartment complex off of the 1900 block of West Gordon on Sunday.

Amori Williams, her son, and her mother Charlotte Paul are still picking up the pieces.

They lost everything within a matter of seconds, but their spirit is strong knowing they all are still alive.

"Around 2:30 I woke up and saw thick black smoke," Williams said.

Albany firefighters said the cause of the fire was food left on the stove.

All three lived in the two bedroom apartment.

Williams said the first thing she did was grab her four-year-old son.

But as the fumes and smoke continued to grow, blocking Williams from her mother's bedroom, only one thing came to her mind.

"I can't get her out. I can't get her out. I can't get her out," Williams recalled.

She dialed 911, but before firefighters could arrive, a stranger driving by saw dark clouds of smoke billowing out of the home. The man jumped out of his car and into action.

"He broke the window with his arm and kept saying, 'in the name of Jesus, we are going to get you out,'" Williams said.

Within seconds her mother hit fresh air and was reunited safely with her family. She believes it was a miracle.

"I'm standing there with my son, shaking, like is this really happening. I was so scared. If I had slept a minute longer, I don't think we've would've woken up," said Williams.

And for the stranger who took matters into his own hands, she just wants to say thanks.

The Red Cross is assisting, but the family still could use extra help. They need clothes and shoes, especially for Williams' four-year-old who is about to start school in a few months.

Clothing sizes: Paul and Williams can use shirts in medium, large and extra large, shoes size 8 or 8 1/2. Williams' son is a small or 5T and toddler 9 or 9 1/2 shoes.

You can donate by contacting the Red Cross Flint River Chapter at 229 436-4845 or 229 924-2026.

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