Dougherty Co. Schools no longer 'High Risk'

Dougherty Co. Schools no longer 'High Risk'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After nearly three years, the Dougherty County school system is now off "high risk" status.

School superintendent Dr. David Mosely told school board members during Wednesday's meeting that the system is no longer considered high risk status.

A Title One monitoring team spent time in Dougherty County last week, that's when the director gave him the news.

Mosely says this shows the state now has confidence in the system.

"We're doing our jobs like we're supposed to now," said Mosely. "Our accounting is in order, our expenditures are in order, and I'm very proud of what our staff has done. Of course we set the tone for doing it right and we expect it to be done that way and it's nice to get out of trouble."

The state put the system on high risk status in 2012 after investigations into questionable spending of federal money and ineffective practices.

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