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Worth Co. emergency response improves

Director Marci Errair Director Marci Errair
Nikkie Celinski Nikkie Celinski
SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Upgrades at the Worth County E-911 center mean improved emergency response. And authorities there hope it's just the beginning of better equipment.

Dispatchers at the Worth County E-911 center are quickly getting used to their new phone system. It's a major upgrade, which includes switching from handheld phones to headsets.

"Our shift was the shift on duty when it went live. So that was really fun because we got to see it all go live and working out the kinks and everything. But it's been going very well. We like it a whole lot," said dispatcher Nikkie Celinski.

"We've been about 10 years out of date, so we're trying to get up to par," said Director Marci Errair.

The phone system, through Motorola, is now internet based, which prevents the computer system from completely shutting down.

"When the system that we're using now goes down there's a back-up one. So if we were to go down, the back up one would kick in and there's never down time," said Errair.

Down time which could get in the way of saving a life. "It'll be good for the citizens of Worth County that we have an updated system that way we can get them help faster," Celinski said.

"You don't want somebody to be calling 911, and then nobody be able to answer, because then there's no help coming to you," Errair said.

The center is on a five year payment plan for the new system, which costs about  $170,000. They're now looking at grants to complete upgrades for the computer aided dispatch, or CAD, and radios.

"We're not text ready, but we will get there. We're just trying to upgrade slowly because of course everything costs money," Errair said.

Money which will improve the safety of residents in Worth County.

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