Truck-jacking suspect arrested after chase

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Authorities say an armed robbery suspect is in handcuffs after a wild chase that wound through two counties.

Police say William Owens of Albany stole a truck from a resident at Riverpointe in Dougherty County, and took off in it. It ended on North Slappey Blvd., when troopers deployed stop-sticks.

"A few vehicles that were struck on the way by the suspect," said Chad Kirkpatrick of DCP.

The intersection of Palmyra and North Slappey was blocked temporarily, but is flowing again.

Police say Owens, driving a black Toyota pickup, turned around in the south part of Dougherty County, and went back in the city, possibly headed to Lee County again.

Officers tried to hem him up in the Slappey, Gillionville Road, and Beattie Road sections of town. 

Soon after a lookout was issued for a vehicle,  Lee County deputies spotted it and started chasing the driver.

APD was chasing Owens on Newton Road going past the airport, about 3:45.

They say he brandished a gun at police after trying to run them off the road.

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