Don't loan your cell phone in Thomasville

Don't loan your cell phone in Thomasville

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville police are warning folks to avoid letting strangers borrow your cell phone, after a string of thefts this past week.

Investigators say they've received several reports describing young black men, believed to be in their late teens, asking people if they could borrow their phone to make a call.

Once the suspects have the phones in their hands, they run off.

Police say the suspects are targeting people in parks-- in broad daylight.

"If you do allow them to use your cell phone, make sure you know them and are very familiar with them. So if they were to take off with your cell phone, you'll be able to tell the police department who they are," said Lt. Maurice Holmes of the Thomasville Police Department

If you have any information regarding these suspects, call the Thomasville Police Department.

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