Andersonville National Historic Site in need of repairs

Andersonville National Historic Site in need of repairs

ANDERSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - The amount of maintenance projects put on hold for at least a year at National Park sites has reached nearly $11.5 billion dollars. Officials in Andersonville said they are needed to preserve our nation's history.

Park Superintendent Charles Sellars said the work has been put off for several years due to lack of funding.

"We just don't have the money, we don't have the people to take care of a lot of these things so a lot of that stuff doesn't get done on that schedule," said Sellars.

A new report shows National Park Service sites in Georgia need nearly $200 million dollars worth of work. That includes $1.2 million dollars for projects at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site and about $12.7 million at Andersonville.

"We try to direct our money towards the highest priority assets and that would be the National Prisoner of War Museum and the cemetery," said Sellars.

Sellars estimates at least 2 million dollars is needed to fix repairs on the brick wall around the cemetery. The National Park Service receives funding for roads and bridges through the Federal Transportation Program..but those funds are set to expire in May and could delay road repairs already in progress at Andersonville.

"We have projects that are in the cue right now to repave at least part of our roads right now," said Sellars. "We don't have the money to repave all of them."

President Obama's proposal for the transportation bill includes $150 million in new funding to address Park Service maintenance needs.

"That's what we're here for to protect and preserve for future generations," said Sellars.

But without more money, some of that history could be lost.

Sellars said they are currently working on repairing the HVAC system in some of their buildings including the National Prisoner of War Museum and the brick wall around the cemetery.

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