Georgia tied for second in US water loss claims

Georgia tied for second in US water loss claims

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Spring often brings heavy rainstorms and that can lead to water damage in your home.

Joyce Stewart has lived at her home on Queens Road in Albany for 40 years, and said she's dealt with plenty of flooding issues.

Most recently, in December, flooding washed out Stewart's basement with water as high as her bottom steps.

But, Stewart has also dealt with smelly sewage water seeping into her house.

Something Stewart said is common in the Spring.

"And that's where when we get those heavy rains and my sump pumps can't handle it all that fast. It'll seep in."

According to State Farm Insurance, Georgia customers made 16,833 water loss claims in 2014.

The company paid over $137 million to those customers, tying Georgia with Texas for second most money paid for water losses.

State Farm suggests regular home maintenance on items such as drains, gutters, sump pumps, windows and doors to avoid water damage.

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