National Puppy Day in Albany

National Puppy Day in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many of our viewers have been celebrating National Puppy Day by sharing pictures on social media.

National Puppy Day not only celebrates our cuddly, four-legged friends, but also raises awareness about puppy mills and irresponsible breeding.

Folks at the Albany Humane Society encourage you to do your research before adopting.

"A lot of people make a mistake and look at those cute little puppies and a little lab puppy at 6 weeks is not great for an apartment, because he's going to be a big dog when he grows up. So we want people to really think about what breed they're getting and to make sure it's going to fit in their lifestyle because a year from now it's not going to look like a little 6 week old puppy," said the Albany Humane Society's Donna Strickland.

The Albany Humane Society has dogs of all ages available for adoption.

The puppies in our video are still a little too young, but will be ready to adopt soon.

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