Neighbors concerned after South Albany pet killed

Police say a South Albany woman's poodle was killed in her yard Sunday by two stray pit bulls.

The two dogs were captured, but neighbors are concerned by people dumping strays on their street.

People who live on Medlock Avenue say they have seen a lot of stray dogs recently.  After a pet was killed, they worry about whether their kids are safe.

The little cross in her yard shows where Angel is buried.  Annie Mae Green says she will miss her pet  of 14 years.

Green said "Good company.  That was my baby."

Green was at church, but her nephew Lamar Davis saw the two dogs kill Angel inside their fenced backyard.

Davis said "They viciously attacked the dog. They kept choking the dog around the neck till they killed the dog."

These are the two dogs that Albany Police and Animal Control captured.  Davis tried to get the dogs off with a rake, but then they turned toward him.

Davis said "It was very scary. I feared for my life. I didn't know what to do. Theses dogs would not stop until it was dead."

Albany Police used a taser on the male pit bull, when it attacked an officer.

Neighbors say they are concerned by the number of stray dogs being dumped on their dead end street.

Willie Brown said "We been having trouble with the dogs in this neighborhood.  Sometimes we been having cars coming down and we don't know who they be."

Green said she is glad she was not home when her Angel was attacked.

Green said "I would have got out and tried to protect my dog, and they would have gotten me."

Now she and her family and neighbors are asking city officials to help stop the dog dumping on their street, before something or someone else is killed.

The two pit bull's owner claimed them Monday afternoon, and according to Albany Humane Society officials was very apologetic.  The female recently had puppies, and was released to the owner to care for them.  The male remains quarantined at the Humane Society.