Burglar cuts himself severely, breaking into store

Burglar cuts himself severely, breaking into store

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Surveillance video shows a brazen, but clumsy burglar breaking into Buddy's Home furnishings in Moultrie, and stealing a TV.

Authorities believe the suspect now in custody could be responsible for two burglaries at the store. And employees are thankful an arrest has been made and some of the stolen property recovered.

Surveillance video shows the thief shattering one of the front windows of Buddys' Home furnishings with his fist; knocking over lamps and a couch, before running around the store and quickly stealing a TV.

General Manager Joe Ferrante says they just boarded up this window from a similar incident early Saturday morning when this happened about 24 hours later. "He just went down here, grabbed the TV and took off. It looks like he had taken his sleeve around his arm and then just broke in this one, he did cut himself, as is evidence right here."

A large amount of blood was found at the scene, and officials eventually tracked down the suspect, 45-year-old Dennis Mitchell at a nearby home.

"When he made contact with him he noticed blood going up the steps to the residence and noticed a subject sitting up there that was bleeding and sweating profusely," said Investigator David Jones.

Moultrie Police credit their quick response and arrest to a witness who watched the entire thing unfold.

"We weren't relying on an alarm system, we were relying on an eyewitness who was giving us live updates through 911 so our response was a lot faster," said Jones.

"By the time I got down here, they already had someone in custody. So it's very surprising, at the same time it's very pleasing knowing that it's going to come to fruition that we have someone in custody and we'll be getting our product back," Ferrante said.

Police found one of the TVs at the home, .and they're still investigating to see if both burglaries are connected.

Dennis Mitchell is charged with one count of smash and grab burglary.

Moultrie Police sent blood evidence to GBI crime lab and the case remains an ongoing investigation.

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