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Spring is here and so are termites

Ben Tallent, Arrow Exterminators Ben Tallent, Arrow Exterminators

With warmer weather here, exterminators want to make sure your home is termite free.

Exterminators say the wet weather during this time of year can attract termites to your home. They say it's important to make sure standing water isn't near the home and to seal cracks found in wood or around pipes.

"Make sure you have the down spouts are shooting away from the home,” said Ben Tallent, Arrow Exterminators. “Make sure you have the thing that goes under the diverter to shoot it out further away from the home because termites are drawn to moisture."

Tallent also says it's important to keep thrown out food as far away from the home as possible. He says termites are estimated to cause $5 Billion worth of damage to homes each year.

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