Thomasville woman honors late husband killed in silo accident

Thomasville woman honors late husband killed in silo accident
Joshua Fulghum and Anastasia Fulghum
Joshua Fulghum and Anastasia Fulghum

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Thomasville woman is honoring her late husband by setting up a foundation in his name. It's been nearly a year since Joshua Fulghum was killed in an ethanol plant accident. His widow, Anastasia Fulghum, is starting an outreach center and scholarship in his name.

Anastasia Fulghum is on a mission to help others through her late husband, Joshua Fulghum.

"I wanted to do something that would honor Josh and keep his memory and he loved kids," said Anastasia Fulghum, Widow.

Friday will mark one year since Fulghum was killed at the Southwest Georgia Ethanol Plant when he accidentally slipped into an auger while sweeping seeds inside a silo.

Anastasia has created a non-profit organization called the Joshua Fulghum Outreach Center.

She's also working to partner with the Vashti Center in Thomasville to help adults with destructive behavior patterns transition from the center, and staying off the streets.

"From ages 18 to 21 it will give them a place to go to get schooling, housing and help furnish their homes," said Fulghum.

She's also creating a scholarship in her husband's name for students in the Industrial Maintenance Program at Southwest Georgia Technical College, where Fulghum was a student.

She's organizing a softball tournament to help raise money for the center.

"Josh was very big into softball so that would be a great way to honor him," said Fulghum.

She says she knows her husband would be proud of the work she's doing to honor his memory.

"I think he would be very humble that his life is leaving a legacy to be able to help other kids and keep them off the streets," said Fulghum. "So I think he would be honored."

The Joshua Fulghum Softball Tournament will be held March 27th at Barber Park in Cairo at 7:00 p.m. It's a $100 entry fee for teams to participate in the tournament. Anastasia Fulghum is currently collecting monetary and household donations for the center. Donations can also be made at the Suntrust Bank in Thomasville. For more information contact Anastasia Fulghum at 229-421-6893.

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