Hugh Mills Stadium to add turf

Hugh Mills Stadium to add turf

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hugh Mill Stadium's football field is getting a new look.

Plans are in place to replace the natural grass field with artificial turf.

Dougherty County Schools share the field for football games and track meets, which does a number on the grass.

Plus, the cost of upkeep also takes does a number on the budget, due to fertilizing, watering, and more.

So, Dougherty County School Systems Director of Athletics, Johnny Seabrooks said, it's time to make the shift.

"Field preparations is cut down," said Seabrooks. "The instance of bad weather and rain. The wear and tear on a natural field over a course of 25 to 30 games that we play at Hugh Mills Stadium. And it's just the best thing going."


are set to cost roughly $800,000 dollars.

The process will begin in late May.

The hard deadline on completing the job is August 10th.

So, the field will be ready for games next fall.

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