Dean's List: Sheyanne Pierce

Dean's List: Sheyanne Pierce

TURNER CO., GA (WALB) - Her life got off to a difficult start, but a Turner County student hasn't let any challenges hold her back.

Sheyanne Pierce is a Turner County High School student with a schedule most of us couldn't keep up with.

"I get up at 6:30 every morning. I brush my teeth like everybody else, put my clothes on one leg at a time. I put my makeup on and head to school," said Pierce.

But she is not like everyone else.

"I was taken away from my birth mother because she was an unfit parent. It was me, my two sisters, and my little brother," she recalled.

Both of Sheyanne's sisters were in foster care until they were 18 years old.

One of them died giving birth.

"Her daughter is in foster care and I don't know who she is. My brother- he's been adopted I don't know where he is or who he is," Pierce said.

Sheyanne says she wants to fill the world around her with positive energy.

"This child has major character. It's just oozin out of her. You oughta see her on the softball field. She is the one out there screamin' chantin' cheerin' everybody else on. You just can't get down around her," one of her teachers said.

After a full schedule at school, she takes a college course in cosmetology and then heads to work.

"I work at this lovely place," Pierce described. "It's called Doodle Bugs Preschool 'till about 4:30."

After that, she works on one of her many charities.

Sheyanne takes those character lessons she learned and has a message for others.

"Right now where you stand in life, you don't have to be there when you grow. You can be anything you want to be. Just put your mind to it," she encouraged.

Sheyanne says she was chosen and her family loves her.

She hopes to find the brother she never new, but will continue her quest to help other foster children that are not as fortunate.

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