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Brazen girls shoplift like pros

Assistant Manager Marianne Humphrey Assistant Manager Marianne Humphrey
Southern Pastimes Store Manager Joyce Luke Southern Pastimes Store Manager Joyce Luke
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Four girls are caught on camera, shoplifting hundreds of dollars of clothing from an Albany store. Managers at Southern Pastimes in the Albany Mall says they have never seen shoplifters this aggressive.

They have no doubt the young teens worked as a team. It's shocking; kids so boldly obviously stealing. So young we are going to block out their faces, but the store managers hope someone recognizes them.

Managers believe the Four girls came into Southern Pastimes in the Mall about 5:00 Tuesday afternoon with a plan to steal.

"There were three who quite handily helped themselves to our T-shirts. They got 12," said Southern Pastimes Store Manager Joyce Luke.

Managers say while one girl stands lookout, the others shoplift. Southern Pastimes Assistant Manager Marianne Humphrey said "They knew to split up. Not stay together. They would come together occasionally. Like, oh, look at this one. But yea, I think they planned it."

Managers say they took $380 worth of Simply Southern T-shirts, this year's hottest sellers. This shirt they stole was really ironic.

"The girl stole the one that said "God Is My Anchor," Really. I mean, gee. Let's think about this," Luke said.

Now store managers hope these girls are recognized. They would like restitution, but more importantly to get the girls help. "Because I'm sure we're not the first store that they've done this. They had this too well planned," Luke said.

"The more they get away with it, the more they are going to do. If they think they can continue to do this, they are going to keep doing it," Humphrey said.

The store managers have taken steps to prevent more shoplifting, shocked by this incident. Store managers have contacted police, and will prosecute.

If you have any information about this incident, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward.

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