Possibly rabid fox shot in Americus

Possibly rabid fox shot in Americus

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - People in an Americus neighborhood are on the lookout for potentially rabid animals tonight. Last night, police shot a possibly rabid fox.

Neighbors were pretty surprised at what they saw. Police are using it as an opportunity to remind you what to do if see a wild animal acting strangely.

"He was between the two sets of stripes in the parking lot area," said Rusty Coleman.

A resident at Southland Heights Apartment Complex described where he saw one of the strangest things in his life.

"We were coming back from the convenience store and there was a fox running around in the parking lot," said Rusty Coleman.

A fox, roaming freely. Coleman Instantly knew something wasn't right and sprang into action.

"We knew that he was probably rabid or had some other sort of problems and we called 911," said Coleman.

Police arrived--6 of them to be exact--and shot the fox. It will not be tested for rabies because it didn't attack a human or domestic pet.

"But it very well could have been rabid," I asked.

"Possibly, yes," said Major Herman Lamar with the Americus Police Department.

"The fox was right here when the police officers shot him," said Coleman.

Coleman was one of many residents who came outside and watched.

"It was exciting. for a Wednesday afternoon you don't expect that kind of stuff around here. Probably won't never see it again," said Coleman.

As rare as the incident may be, police remind you to keep your distance from these kinds of animals and always call 911.

"Do not approach and try to pet them," said Major Lamar.

Coleman says they'll keep an eye out moving forward, but fear? Far from it.

"So there's not really any concern from you guys?"

"No. I dont think anybody is really concerned about it," said Coleman.

Major Lamar said it's important for parents to let their kids know the dangers of wild animals, because they could be tempted to approach them.

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