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East Albany residents furious with illegal dumping sites

Jon Howard, city comissioner Jon Howard, city comissioner
Resident Carol Lucky Resident Carol Lucky
Resident Tommy Evans Resident Tommy Evans
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - East Albany residents are wanting answers on why illegal dumping sites continue to show up in their neighborhoods. Tuesday, city leaders took  a tour of Silica Road, where trash has been piling up.

It has been a problem for over a decade, illegal dumping has sites continue to pop up around Albany. Resident Carol Lucky says the amount of trash is overwhelming and she's sick of it.

"When you come down this road it's something different, its something thrown out," Lucky said. "Animals, it's known that animals are thrown out here."

Tommy Evans lives near the littered area, too. He feels whoever is unloading here has no respect for their community. "This is uncalled for. We do not want this in our backyard," Evans said.

That's why city leaders sprung into action. Commissioner Jon Howard suited up and called in a few friends at public works to dig into the problem. The job is expected to take several hours, Howard said spending time on preventable projects like this drains funds from the city, nearly $2,000.

"Once you get a crew off to come here you have to think about the time, the hours, the gas, and the transportation of the landfill, and plus the wear and tear on the vehicles," Howard said.

Howard feels the money spent can go toward the protection and preservation of the city, the mission of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.

"We will not tolerate it, and once we get it cleaned up, we are certainly going to make sure we monitor it with some type of cameras or other types of mechanisms," Howard said.

"It's been known for a place for people to dump things, to do illegal things, its very scary at night," Lucky said. 

Neighbors agree that a close eye on activity could help catch the culprit. "Keep pushing and hopefully that whoever sees this here looks out for their own neighborhood and report anything," Evans said.

City leaders and residents believe by joining forces they can help put an end to a filthy situation.

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