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Crooks fish for money using City of Douglas front

Wynetta Bolder Wynetta Bolder
DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - The City of Douglas says someone claiming to be representing the city is calling citizens, demanding that they send money immediately. They are using a 1-800 number to falsely solicit the payments.

Douglas does use an automated phone system to contact customers with delinquent payment, but it doesn't ask for payment over the phone. 

The City of Douglas also contracts with a third party company in an attempt to collect bad debt, and that agency calls on  the telephone and sends a letter. They never ask people to make a payment using a 1-800 number.

"They do not ask for money for the telephone. They let them know ahead of time they are delinquent with their bills and they have until a certain time to come to city hall to make that payment," said Wynetta Bolder.

Customers can take further steps to confirm if the call is a scam or not by calling the City of Douglas 311 Customer Care Center, dial 311 or 384-3302.

 "If a citizen should receive such a call, please try to capture the phone number through caller ID and report the phone number to the Customer Care Center representative," said City Manager Terrell Jacobs. "Our advice is not to meet anyone who has called you to collect a utility debt unless you know definitely the call came from Douglas City Hall."

the Douglas Police Department says to never wire money to someone or to an online agency that you are unfamiliar with. "We do not want our citizens to become victim of a scam," says Douglas Police Chief Gary Casteloes. "Citizens should always be cautious of anyone who contacts you asking for financial records and remember to verify the agency as legitimate."

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