Man and woman arrested in Poulan meth lab bust

Man and woman arrested in Poulan meth lab bust

POULAN, GA (WALB) - Neighbors said they are in shock after Worth County deputies uncovered a meth lab in their neighborhood.

Richard Futrill, 47, and April Murphy, 43, were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth with intent to distribute in the presence of a child.

Next door neighbor Lawrence Hutto said he can't believe it.

"There's no loud parties, no cars going and coming," he recalled. "Like I said, it sort of shocked me because Richard is a very good neighbor, you know."

Authorities arrested Futrill and Murphy after serving a search warrant at a home on Northwood Drive Northwest in Poulan Monday night.

"I heard my dogs back there barking at about 11 o'clock," Hutto recalled. "And I got up and came to the front door and I seen a lot of cars on the side of the road and all."

Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby said the two had just finished cooking meth and dismantled the lab before authorities arrived. They also said a 14-year-old was inside the house at the time.

Hutto has lived on Northwood Drive Northwest in Poulan for about 50 years. He said Futrill grew up in that house and was never any trouble.

"Richard's been an excellent neighbor all my life and all like that. Like I said, he minds his own business, tends to his self, but if you need any help, he's willing to help you anyway he can and all," he said.

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