Town hall meeting on feral hogs tonight

Town hall meeting on feral hogs tonight

RADIUM SPRINGS, GA (WALB) - Bill Stewart rides around the old links where the Radium Springs golf course once stood every day, to take in the fresh air and scenery.

"It was about this time five years ago," said Stewart. "I'd been coming out here for about a year."

Stewart a retired pastor, has lived near the old Radium Springs golf course for six years.

And not long after moving here, saw his first wild boar.

"The hog came, trotting out, and it stood right there, aggressively," said Stewart. "Convincing my dog it was time for her to go."

As an old boy scout, he loves taking in the wide open fields, but doesn't want to see them destroyed and the wildlife run off.

"Wherever you go, you can see the signs of the hog habitat and damage," said Stewart. "And they are extremely destructive to the general habitat."

Especially with turkey hunting season ahead.

"They don't need to be eliminated but they'll end up eating turkey eggs," said Stewart. "They're notgoing toa last with the hogs."

But Stewart says he's glad to know that the county is trying to keep an eye on the issue.

"I'm, I'm glad they're looking at it," said Stewart. "We can let a marvelous aspect become damaged. And become, actually, dangerous."

The Radium Springs Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a discussion with Wildlife Biologist Daymond Hughes of the

USDA Wildlife Service. He will speak on “Addressing the Feral Hog Problem in Radium Springs and SW Georgia.”

The event is tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Episcopal Church, at 2425 Cherry Laurel Lane, in Radium Springs.

This is a free program and open to the public.

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