Commissioners want to ban the “box” from city job applications

Commissioners want to ban the “box” from city job applications

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city commissioners are considering banning the box where a job applicant must mark whether he's been convicted of a felony.

We spoke with one Albany man who knows how they box can make it hard for some people to find get hired.

Cody Brown got out of prison in November, and says it took about four months, but he finally got employed.

Brown says its challenging getting your life back on track when you can't find work.

"Like me I have my son to take care of , how am I supposed to pay child support if I can't even get a job, I got to pay the parole, all that, the state wants their money," says Cody Brown.

Albany City officials will talk this week about removing the box on city job applications where you mark whether you've been convicted of a felony.

Commissioner BJ Fletcher has supported the ban the box initiative since the beginning

"It needs to be off, there is a lot of good people out here that have made some mistakes in the past, but they are very qualified for a lot of good jobs. It gives them an opportunity," says Albany Commissioner BJ Fletcher.

She says she's hired people who have been incarcerated, and they have been some of her best workers.

"Some of my greatest people that's been with me for many years were incarcerated, and I promise you, they have paid their debt to society and they are some of the most disciplined people that I work. I've had some good success with it," says Fletcher.

Brown says he thinks it would be a good thing for the city, and not everyone who's been to prison is a bad person.

"A lot of people that have been to prison, they are not bad people, they just made really stupid decisions," says Brown.

In fact, Brown is celebrating because he just got his first job.

"It's excellent, I go to work cheesing, and I leave work cheesing," he says.

Governor Deal also signed a executive removing the box from state job applications.

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