Americus PD: Copper thieves hit shopping plaza

Americus PD: Copper thieves hit shopping plaza

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus police are investigating a series of copper thefts from over the weekend. And they're asking for your help in locating the criminals.

Officials say around 4:40 Saturday morning an officer was conducting a routine security check on the Perilous Plaza strip in Americus when they noticed an AC unit was damaged. That officer investigated further and discovered copper was stolen.

He checked other business units in the area and found they too had been tampered with. Major Herman Lamar says it's frustrating for both law enforcement as well as business owners to catch these thieves red-handed when they have limited workforce.

"Because we patrol the businesses thoroughly, as often as we an and yet we still are having these copper thefts occur. And especially with these types here where these individuals are hitting and missing," Major Herman Lamar said. "There is no certain pattern they hit, they hit a particular area so we rely heavily on citizen input."

It's Fashion and Ombudsman Education Center are a couple of the businesses the crooks struck. Police are hoping surveillance footage will help identify them.

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