Family, friends hold vigil for teen killed on skateboard

Family, friends hold vigil for teen killed on skateboard

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Family and friends gathered Friday night to honor the memory of Austin "Chance" King, who was hit and killed on his way to school on Wednesday.

It was near the intersection of Ferry Lake Road and Clay Drive where 17-year-old King was hit by a car on a foggy Wednesday morning, while riding his skateboard to school.

"People just loved Chance as a friend, as a person, as he was a character," said brother-in-law Noe Hernandez. "Everywhere he went, he wanted to make you laugh, make you happy."

King was a junior at Tift Co. High School, where friends also held a vigil.

He was trained in MMA and boxing by his coach Joshua Dunkelberger, who he's lived with since 2013.

"Just joyful. He's the kind of person that never let things bother him. Instead, he got up everyday with a smile on his face," Dunkelberger recalled.

One of the things that concerns them is the fact his death could have been avoided.

"For this tragedy to happen, I just want it to open people's eyes to why it is that, if you live less than a mile from the school, there's no public transportation. I mean, I just don't understand it," he said.

Due to funding reasons, the school district does not provide bus service to students who live less than a mile from the school.

So, those students usually have to walk.

The family is hopeful this will change.

"I hope the school system will look in to find some funding," Hernandez said.

While the grieving has been hard on the family, they family is still grateful for the time they had with King.

And like King, they'll keep fighting.

"That's all I hear in my ear, when I run is, 'Keep going, Dunk.' And I also ask myself, 'would Chance quit right now?' Not a chance. Not a chance."

People can visit the family's GoFundMe page here:

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