'Red Bull bandit' checked for additional thefts

'Red Bull bandit' checked for additional thefts
DCP's Chad Kirkpatrick
DCP's Chad Kirkpatrick

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A delivery driver is arrested, caught on video in the act stealing Red Bull drinks he was delivering to a Dougherty County store. Now police are asking store owners or managers if he or other drivers might have stolen from them as well.

A delivery of Red Bull drinks Tuesday morning to the Flash Foods store on Holly Drive in Albany didn't go as it should.

Dougherty County Police say when 31 year old Chesley West from Better Brands started to leave the store, the manager stopped him to check his cart.

"On his departure he decided to take some of the cases of Red Bull with him," said Dougherty Co. Police Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick. "The store was already on alert because there had been a shortage there at the store."

And the manager found three cases of Red Bull hidden under boxes on West's delivery cart. Caught red handed, police say West tried to bribe his way out.

"Once they discovered the cases, he tried to pay the clerk. What she reported to us $500 to not call the police. She refused the money and called the police," Kirkpatrick said.

West was arrested and charged with theft by shoplifting. Convenience store managers tell us Red Bull Energy drinks are among their top selling items. The three cases, 72 cans, cost the stores $222. Now Investigators are asking other stores managers and owners if they have similar theft problems.

"They have noticed there has been a shortage at that store and others stores, other Flash Foods in the area. This is an ongoing investigation, that we are looking into. To see if we can tie him or any other employees with taking these drinks."

Investigators are trying to determine if those stolen drinks were being sold to other stores or on the streets. If you have any information call the Dougherty County Police at 430-6600.

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