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VPD Chief: Citizens need to stop labeling law enforcement

Brian Childress Brian Childress

Valdosta's Police Chief was voicing his anger Friday at some of the comments that were made towards law enforcement by citizens at the scene of Wednesday's standoff.

During the standoff, some citizens shouted at the officers, accusing them of being overly aggressive and not caring about whether they got the suspect out safely.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress said people need to stop labeling law enforcement officers as inherently bad because of situations like Ferguson, Missouri.

"What really bothered me, and what I'm still angry about, is labeling law enforcement because of what's happened over the past couple of years," said Chief Childress. "It's not fair what was said [at the standoff] to the men and women of law enforcement."

Chief Childress pointed out that if the public does not stop labeling law enforcement as inherently bad, law enforcement agencies are going to have a difficult time doing their job. "It's going to get to a point where, if we don't stop this, we're going to have people that don't even want to touch this career field anymore," Chief Childress emphasized. "Then, where are we going to be at?"

Chief Childress admitted that, since the standoff, he had gotten several calls from citizens apologizing for the comments.

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