New lights slated for deadly Lee crossing

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - A stop light is being installed at a deadly intersection on Highway 19 in Lee County. U.S. 19 and Century Road is notorious as a hazardous area.

"I've been trying for a lot of years," said Ida Chambers, who nearly lost her life in a crash at 19 and Century Road in 2003.

She's relieved that a traffic light is finally being installed there. "Oh this means the world to me," said Chambers. "It's the best thing that ever happens to them, is for that light to be up and it's for them."

Mrs. Chambers was broadsided at this intersection by another vehicle. She was severely injured, but survived. Now, after just celebrating her 93rd birthday, she's glad the intersection will soon be safer.

"I'm just proud that the people know all about it and how it became necessary that we have it in the first place," said Chambers.

Thousands of cars pass through this intersection every day. A caution light was installed, but did little to slow traffic.

"Now it seems that our traffic numbers have reached the point where we are going to get an actually red and green light," said Rick Muggridge, chairman Lee County board of commissioners.

And the hope is that the stop light will save lives. Next Friday DOT will open bids for all the work that will be done in our region and the light is expected to be up and working by October 31st.

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