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Victim's families react to Marcus Boatwright sentencing

Family of Janice Potts Family of Janice Potts
Family of Dale Cuey Family of Dale Cuey
Millie Harris, Wife of Theodolphus Harris Millie Harris, Wife of Theodolphus Harris
A Georgia truck driver is going to spend the next year and a half behind bars for killing three people in a fiery accident in Irwin County three years ago. 

The victim's families got the chance to speak to the driver Marcus Boatwright, who caused the deaths when he crashed his truck into parked cars. 

The family members of Janice Potts, Dale Cuey and Theodolphus Harris tearfully expressed to Marcus Boatwright how he tragically changed their lives forever in August 2011. "There's three angels in heaven,” said Christy Shaw, Janice Potts' Daughter.

Boatwright killed their loved ones when he plowed his semi truck into the back of eight cars stopped for road construction on Georgia Highway 32, west of Irwinville.

Friday, a judge sentenced Boatwright to 18 months in jail and another 18 months on probation. "The judge did the best she could with what she had to work with,” said Potts.

"She gave him the best sentence that she could give him," said Millie Harris, Wife of Theodolphus Harris.

Last month, Boatwright pled guilty to six counts of misdemeanor homicide by vehicle, one count of following too closely and one count of driving too fast for conditions. Charges that didn't sit well with the victim's families. "I do not agree with the charges that have been given and I don't have to,” said Amy Williams, Dale Cuey's Daughter.

Two victims injured in the crash testified that they are in constant pain and have been unable to find work. "Everybody says that I'm a liability to whatever company that I work for,” said Maurice Lake, Injured in Crash.

Prosecutors pointed out that Boatwright has had an extensive history of bad driving. Millie Harris hopes the incident will change how truck companies hire drivers.

"If they hired truck drivers with good driving records then we would be a lot safer on the roads,” said Harris.

Boatwright is also prohibited from driving commercial vehicles and must pay a $1,000 fine for each count he plead guilty to.

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