Deadly driver gets 18 months behind bars

Deadly driver gets 18 months behind bars

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Marcus Boatwright was sentenced today in Irwin County Superior Court. He pled guilty to six misdemeanor counts of vehicular homicide Tuesday in Ocilla.

Friday morning, he was sentenced to three years, but he only has to serve 18 months in the county jail, and the rest on probation.

Boatwright is also not allowed to drive a commercial vehicle, and must pay a $1,000 fine for each of three counts. He has to turn himself in today.

Boatwright's truck plowed into the seven cars that were stopped for construction on Georgia Highway 32 west of Irwinville on August 8, 2011.

Three of the cars burst into flames, killing the drivers. A victim's daughter felt let down that he pled guilty only to misdemeanor charges.

Christy Shaw said that's not justice for the relatives of three people killed three and a half years ago, and she's taking a stand against unsafe truck drivers. "I feel like I've been let down by the system,"  Shaw said.

Janice Potts of Ocilla, Dale Couey of Willacoochee, and Theodolphus Harris of Deland, Florida were killed in the crash.

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