DCP asks drivers to watch for tractors

DCP asks drivers to watch for tractors

As the warmer weather approaches more tractors will be moving out on the roads. Dougherty County Police encourage folks to be on the lookout for tractors in the more rural parts of the county, but colliding with them can be deadly.

Also make sure you pay attention out on the road and don't get distracted by your cell phone because often times tractors are moving very slow.

"They are slow moving vehicles and as long as they have placards on the back, they meet the requirements of the law so they do have a right of the way in a sense, and most of them try to be courteous and move over when they can, but we need to be extra cautious on the roadway when we see these implements and make sure that we don't collide with them," said Capt. Tom Jackson, Dougherty County Police.

Jackson said they've had a few crashes involving tractors including one fatal crash a few years ago.

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