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Albany car dealership thinks gas prices will help car sales


Car Dealerships expect this year's low gas prices to increase car sales.

It's been a pretty busy week at Kia of Albany.

General Sales Manager Charles Longs said they expect 2015 to be a good year for the car business.

It's not costing nearly as much to fill up your gas tank, and that's encouraging for people who want to buy a new car, or something bigger like an SUV.

"With the gas prices being as low as they are, we expect customers to come out and buy larger Sorentos, Kia Sportages, Sedonas, because they don't have to worry about the gas mileage anymore," said Longs.

According to Triple A, the national average price for a gallon of unleaded is two dollars and 44 cents. That's compared to three dollars and 49 cents last year.

Long says the cost of fuel is something customers consider when they purchase a new vehicle.

"Every single car, on the sticker, it actually talks about the gas mileage per vehicle, so the higher the gas mileage, the more likely the customer is to feel good in that car,” Longs continues.

Longs said 2014 was a good year for sales, and they look to sell even more this year.

"This time of year is kind of up and down, but it has picked up a lot recently. With the gas prices being lower, we have seen a lot of customers willing to go into the SUVs or the minivans, and not worry about paying 100 dollars to fill up their gas tank."

He says they've come a long way from when the economy took a hit in 2008, which was the worst time for the car business.

"Since then it was a steady increase, and 2014 was good so we hope to keep on going forward this year."

The current average in Georgia for a gallon of unleaded is two dollars and 29 cents, that's compared to three dollars and 34 cents last year.

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