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Pollen season has begun

Dj's co-owner Colby Wiggins. Dj's co-owner Colby Wiggins.

The never ending cycle of pollen season has arrived. Some trees and bushes are sending plumes of pollen into the sky turning numerous objects to yellow including your car.

Rain can knock down a lot of the pollen helping your allergies and even giving you a free car wash.

Waiting on the rain could be costly to car owners since long dry spells could make it hard to remove the pesky pollen.

"That pollen will cake up around the window seals and door jams and all the rubber seals and what have you and so that creates a little more problem for us washing them because so much more detailed work to try to get the pollen off," said Dj's co-owner Colby Wiggins.

Right now Dj's doesn't have any pollen deals, but if you become a frequent customer you can earn discounts.

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