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Cops find wanted man when he falls through ceiling

March's silver Chevy Impala was hit multiple times by gunfire during the shootout Wednesday March's silver Chevy Impala was hit multiple times by gunfire during the shootout Wednesday
Hemet Patel Hemet Patel
Bobbi McGraw Bobbi McGraw

Watching the surveillance video from the Citgo gas station on N. Forrest St. at the time of a shooting Wednesday morning closely, the muzzle flash from a gunshot could be seen coming from the driver's side of a white car.

About four seconds later, two people could be seen jumping out of the white car and running towards the store as the driver in a silver Chevy Impala, which was being shot at, backed up to try to get out of the line of fire.

Hemet Patel owns the gas station and was inside when the shooting happened.

"I heard something going outside; gun shots. Like, four or five," he recalled.

In a release Thursday morning, police said that the man who jumped out was 24-year-old Michael T. Robinson. He was arrested around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday on warrants unrelated to the shooting. They caught him after he fell through an attic he was hiding in at 1616 East Park Avenue. Police were looking for him after receiving a tip that he was there.

"He was brought to [the] Valdosta Police Department. Lowndes County EMS was called just to check him out because he fell," said Valdosta Police Department Cpt. Bobbi McGraw. Robinson remained in the Lowndes County Jail Thursday night for his unrelated warrants, but he was not expected to face charges related to the shooting.

The driver of the Chevy Impala, 22-year-old Deshay March, was shot in the shoulder and fled the scene after the shooting. He barricaded himself in a nearby apartment for about an hour, triggering a standoff. 

15-year-old Kayla Samuels was in the passenger seat of the Impala. She was shot in the jaw. Surveillance video captured her going into the store for help moments after being shot.

"I see the girl who was wounded yesterday and had a shot on the cheek. She running towards the store, so I let her come in," said Patel.

March was facing multiple charges Thursday night, including aggravated assault for firing back after being shot at and possible felony possession of marijuana because investigators found marijuana in his Impala after the shooting.

Police were still looking for Christopher Tooley Thursday night. Tooley is believed to have fired the shots from the white car.

He was considered armed and dangerous and police were urging citizens to call 911 if they know where he is.

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