Crowd gathers in Sylvester to meet "Repo Ron"

Crowd gathers in Sylvester to meet "Repo Ron"

It's not often you see people waiting to meet the Repo Man.

A big crowd did wait in Sylvester to meet "Repo Ron" and Amy.

The husband and wife team are the stars of the

Tru-Tv network show Lizard Lick Towing.

The Sylvester Coca-Cola bottling plant won a contest for Coke's new energy drink to bring the reality television stars to Sylvester.

They say the town reminds them of their home in North Carolina.

"Shirley "I am country as a baked bean sandwich. When you get to a place like this, just down home, back woods south Georgia. These are our kind of people. We were born and raised with folks just like this," said Ron Shirley, "Repo Man."

Ron Shirley is also an ordained minister and Amy is a trained mixed martial arts fighter.