Drivers react to increased gas tax

Drivers react to increased gas tax

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A bill that could increase what we pay for gas clears another hurdle at the state capitol Wednesday. A Senate Committee approved the transportation funding bill that already passed the house.

It would increase excise taxes on gas to help raise an extra billion dollars a year leaders say the state needs to maintain current roads and bridges. South Georgia drivers have mixed emotions.

"Really not a big fan of the higher gas prices but I understand that we need the taxes the roads to so we just need to strike a good balance," said Rick Ford.

"I don't want my gas prices raised. It's been nice that they've cut them in half the past year and a half, two years. I don't need them raised," said Linda Colitz.

The bill would also eliminate a tax credit for people who buy electric cars and levy an annual fee on those vehicles.

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