Rams trying new things in spring practice under Land

Rams trying new things in spring practice under Land

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For the first time since 1999, the Albany State Golden Rams' spring practices are not being run by Mike White.

This time around, interim head coach Dan Land is leading the workouts after White headed to Benedict this offseason.

So far, so good, says the longtime ASU assistant. Land says not much is changing from what the Rams have done in the past.

But just because the Rams have had success under White's system, it doesn't mean they aren't willing to look at other ideas.

"The foundation was already set by Coach White, and everything that we do, we've already been doing those same things," Land says. "All we're doing is going in and changing some of those things, and making things a little bit better in certain areas where we were weak."

The Rams have looked to tweak a few things, especially defensively during the last two weeks of spring ball. But that doesn't necessarily mean they'll ever see the field. Land says at this point, it's all just experimentation.

"We're trying to find out what we can do that we haven't already been doing," he says. "Let's find out some of the new things, other avenues, see if we can do more zone other than man and things like that. It's been working out well for us this spring."

A familiar face has also returned to ASU's campus.

Former offensive coordinator and Golden Ram QB Uyl Joyner is back on staff as the team's QB coach. Joyner spent the last two seasons working with his brother, Corey, who is the head coach of the Dougherty Trojans.

Albany State will hold their annual spring game on March 19.

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