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Millions of Georgians live in areas with limited access to healthy food options


Experts said around 2-million Georgians live in food deserts with limited access to healthy food options.

A food desert is a low income area where people don't have convenient access to affordable nutritious foods and it's a problem in more places than you might think.

According to the USDA, an urban area is considered a food desert if many residents are low income and don't have easy access to a grocery store within a mile of their homes.

For rural areas, that extends to not having access to a store more within 10 miles.

These areas often have convenience stores in walking distance, but they have less healthy options than a supermarket.

Second Harvest South Georgia Chief Marketing Director Eliza McCall said almost all thirty of the counties they serve are affected by this problem.

"One of the things that second harvest is doing to help combat that is, we consolidate donations here. We work with partner agencies in our service area to help meet those families in the communities where they are,” said Eliza McCall, Chief Marketing Director, Second Harvest.

One of the big pushes by Second Harvest is their Kid's Cafe Program that provides food for children who suffer from food insecurity.

Georgia is ranked fourth highest in children with food insecurity.

And South Georgia has, the highest rate at one in every three children.

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