Man says wife didn't murder his brother

Man says wife didn't murder his brother

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Joshua Moore's wife is in jail, charged with murdering his older brother. Moore hopes to convince law enforcement that the shooting wasn't murder.

Joshua Moore says he was the closest witness to the shooting outside his home on Wingate Avenue Saturday, and can't understand why police don't believe him.

Joshua Moore stands with friends outside his home, where his brother Reco Moore was shot and killed early Saturday, still in disbelief. His wife Sophilia Willis charged with murdering him. "It was an accident. But see, they won't listen to that," Joshua Moore said.

Moore said they hosted a birthday party for their three year old daughter earlier that night. Moore said Reco picked up Willis' .45 pistol and put it in the belt of his pants, and later when Willis tried to take it back, the gun went off.

"My brother would not give her her gun back. And so therefore there was a struggle for the gun. It wasn't intentional. It was an accident," Moore said.

Moore said their six year old son and two daughters, three and one, are staying with family after the shooting, while their mother is behind bars. Moore is asking prosecutors and police to charge Willis with lesser charges, because he says he knows she did not mean to kill him.

"I don't want her to go down and suffer a loss from her kids. I don't want my brother to be buried with people saying he was murdered."

We spoke with District Attorney Greg Edwards and Albany Police. The DA declined to talk about the shooting, saying the investigation is still ongoing.

Moore said her family is hiring a lawyer. Meanwhile they are planning a memorial and rally to honor his brother while continuing their efforts to have the charges against Willis reduced.