Albanians remember Selma

Albanians remember Selma
Gary Richardson
Gary Richardson
Erma Wilburn
Erma Wilburn

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dozens of people from Albany made the trek to Selma to celebrate a milestone in the civil rights movement. And Selma wasn't the only city recognized as being vital in the fight for equality.

"This will be a story I can tell my children, my grandchildren and their grandchildren," said Erma Wilburn.

A story of commemorating the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement.

"We were there to take that stand to let people know that yeah, it's important that people have the right to vote," said Wilburn.

"It's important to be a part of it as oppose to being on the sidelines and just watch things happen," said Gary Richardson.

Community Builders of Albany organized the trip, which took two busloads of people to Selma.

"I think it was to go and be a part of history, to commemorate those who had already passed, who had sacrificed their lives, and to have our youth be introduced to the history of the movement," said Wilburn.

They were some of the thousands of people who gathered to remember and honor those who fought for voting rights.

Activists were brutally attacked by Alabama State Troopers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 19-65, as they attempted to walk from Selma to Montgomery.

Thousands crossed the bridge, remembering those who came before them.

"A lot of us crossed the bridge. I had been to Selma, to one of the annual bridge crossing ceremonies before. But this time it was just unbelievable to be among the throngs of people who came from everywhere," said Wilburn.

Folks from Albany stood proudly as some of the speakers mentioned the importance of the Good Life city.

"Most of the speakers spoke about the Albany movement. So it's kind of pushing us in an avenue where we'll begin now to try to commemorate Albany's own movement, because it's very important to the community," Richardson said.

A community committed to building on the legacy of those who've gone before us.

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