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Georgia woman needs liver transplant

Liver transplant needed Liver transplant needed
Beth O'Kelley needs new liver Beth O'Kelley needs new liver
Drew O'Kelley Drew O'Kelley
Family hoping for a miracle Family hoping for a miracle
Liver transplant needed Liver transplant needed

A South Georgia woman is fighting the battle of her life.

Without a cure for her liver disease, the only hope is a transplant.

Beth Kelley was diagnosed with non alcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH.

It is a disease that is damaging her liver and in Beth's case is also causing scar tissue.

Beth O'Kelley says: “The only thing for liver is a liver transplant.”

Beth was very active with her friends and involved in her community and church but this disease makes talking and even the smallest task difficult to do.

Beth says the signs were there that she was getting worse

“I could not maintain my strength. My job used a lot of my mental capacity and now I can't, I can't do that.”

Beth has someone with her at all times. Her husband is a truck driver so her son postponed going back to school to care for her.

Drew O'Kelley says “We'll go places and she'll forget where she's at. I want to finish my schooling I just want to make sure she's better.”

Drew offered part of his Liver.

But says “With the severity of the condition even if I did give her part of mine it would still lap back to the disease.”

The O'Kelley's are trying to remain strong with the prayers and support from family and friends and say this is in God's hands.

Drew says “If it's his will it's his will but miracles happen every day”

Beth was placed on a liver transplant list last month at Emory University Hospital.

She is on medication now and has to travel back and forth to Emory.

After a transplant patients have to remain on medications to help insure the organ isn't rejected.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to cover expenses that insurance won't. Check it out here:

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