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Second fatal house fire devastates Thomasville community

Three people dead after house fire in Thomasville. Three people dead after house fire in Thomasville.
Tim Connell Tim Connell
Rev. Spencer Wilson Rev. Spencer Wilson
Beatrice Knight Beatrice Knight
THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) -  Friends and family are devastated to learn that three people died in a house fire on Madison Alley early Friday morning.

This is the second fatal house fire that Thomasville firefighters have responded to in the last week. 

Firefighters discussed what they're doing to prevent this tragedy from happening again.

Beatrice Knight lives across from the home and said, “When I looked out the window, I saw a lot of police cars out here.  And I was afraid to come out.”

Trapped inside were Christina Sampson, Nathaniel Barnes, and Earl McClain.

Thomas County EMS workers transported McClain to Archbold Memorial hospital where he was later pronounced dead. 

Thomasville Fire Marshall Tim Connell said, “We know the fire started in a bedroom.  It's undetermined what caused the fire, at this moment.  But the state investigator is still looking into it.”

Many of the firefighters were disheartened to witness yet another fatal house fire in a week's time. 

Connell said, “The firefighters are concerned because this is our job, it's to save lives.  But we need the smoke detectors to help us.”

No smoke detectors were found inside.

Now,  the department is working on raising funds to distribute smoke detectors throughout the city. 

Connell said, “Time changes this Sunday.  So when time changes, we say to change your batteries in your smoke detectors to make sure they're working.  Definitely smoke detectors save lives.” 

A message firefighters hope will resonate in this town, to avoid another heartbreak.  

But family members said their faith is keeping them strong. 

Reverend Spencer Wilson, a cousin of Sampson, said, “We all know that God is too wise to make a mistake and is too just to do wrong.”

The bodies will be taken to the crime lab in Macon for further examination.  

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