Real life pet detective in Albany

Real life pet detective in Albany
Pet Detective in Albany
Pet Detective in Albany
Shelby pet detective
Shelby pet detective
Bill pet detective
Bill pet detective
Pet detective dogs
Pet detective dogs

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A real life Ace Ventura has come to Albany to help a family find their beloved pet.

Tucker is a missing white toy poodle that is hard of hearing and nearly blind.

A family member called in the pet detective when they couldn't find him on their own.

Pet Detective Carl Washington says; "If she can't find him it can't be done."

This real life pet detective and his dogs Shelby and Bill have been on the job for over 24 hours looking for any trace of Tucker.

Carl Washington believes the 17 year old toy poodle is still alive.

Washington says: "He wouldn't be alive out here in these conditions I think somebody has him"

Mandy and Lawson Swan have had Tucker since they married 15 years ago and are hoping someone will find him and bring him home.

Bill Swan Mandy's father says: "They have 3 kids and they've grown up with Tucker and he's just a major part of their lives".

The Swans believe tucker pushed open the back door while they were watching TV Monday and then walked through an open gate.

Washington says: We're gonna check all the roads in 24 hours check with people be at the supermarket the Walmart everywhere where people go."

Shelby and Bill first get a scent from the missing animal.

the dogs can even pick up a scent while they are riding in the car.

But the dogs can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

The most rewarding part for this team is reuniting families with their pets

the hardest is finding an animal deceased or leaving without an answer.

Washington says: "Before you can knock you hear he's here with them and the door opens and you got nothing."

Washington offers 2 services and will travel anywhere in the U.S.

You can fill out a questionnaire and get a map profile that runs about 80 dollars.

To bring the dogs to you it runs between 900 to 1200 dollars a day and goes up from there.

Washington says: "I'll give you all your money back if you can find anybody that can do this better than me"

Carl Washington started his business 18 years ago after helping a man by chance find his missing pet.

Tucker does have a chip that has his family's information.

You can go to or call Carl Washington at 706-339-2418.