VFD launches new fire safety newsletter

VFD launches new fire safety newsletter

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Friday, the Valdosta Fire Department had begun issuing a monthly newsletter to help educate residents about fire safety and fire prevention.

The "Let's Talk Fire Safety" newsletter is part of the fire department's ongoing community risk reduction program. The fire department hoped the newsletter would help the department achieve an Insurance Services Organization rating of one, down from the rating of two which the department had as of Friday and had had for over 10 years.

The lower rating will help reduce property insurance premiums for Valdosta residents.

For information about receiving the newsletter, contact the Valdosta Fire Department at 229-333-1836.

Residents were also encouraged to take advantage of the fire department's new non-emergency e-mail, valdostafire@valdostacity.com. Residents can send questions, comments, and concerns to the department through this e-mail address.

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