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Dental office remembers murdered coworker

Bonnie Freeman McSpadden worked at the Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia Americus office for over 20 years Bonnie Freeman McSpadden worked at the Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia Americus office for over 20 years
Dr. Cecil Myers Dr. Cecil Myers
Jay Gooden Jay Gooden
Rhoda Peacock Rhoda Peacock
AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - "It's been terrible. We miss Bonnie a lot." That's how an Americus dentist described this week at work after one if his employees was murdered.

Bonnie Freeman McSpadden and her son Dallas were killed in their Leslie home last Friday. Now, her coworkers share their memories of her.

Bonnie worked at the Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia Americus office for over 20 years. Her co-workers are back in the office Thursday seeing patients and scheduling appointments. Flowers all over the office remind them of her presence.

"It's been really tough. Bonnie was the life of our office. She was the first person here and the last person to leave most days," said co-worker Jay Gooden.

"It's horrible, but she's a wonderful person. She'd do anything for anybody," said co-worker Rhoda Peacock.

None of them thought Friday would be the last time they'd see her. "I thought that I'd just come in Monday and see her and she'd say hey girl and I'd say hey, and I had no idea," said Gooden.

Dr. Cecil Myers has been a dentist in Americus for almost 40 years, and for 22 of them, Bonnie kept his practice in order.

"Bonnie was fun. Bonnie was a good worker and we really enjoyed her. I've already called her two or three times this week when I wasn't thinking," said Dr. Myers.

Her chair is empty, but pictures still cover her desk. "It'll probably never be enough time to get over everything," said Gooden.

Others hope that closure will come with justice. "I don't know when it's going to stop. Until they put those guys away we won't have a closure," said Peacock.

Until then, they'll do all there is to do. "We just going to remember her. That's about all we can do really. I'll never forget her," said Dr. Myers.

Her homescreen picture is still up in the office-- representative of the better place where her coworkers know she is. "She definitely was one of a kind," said Gooden.

Dr. Myers and other coworkers said the quick work of investigators on making arrests has made it a little easier to cope with this tragedy.

So far, six men are in jail charged in the investigation. Demetrius Hubbard was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of felony murder. We learned Friday that investigators arrested 19-year-old Shekil Woods of Sumter County for making false statements in this double homicide case.

Ruhemmeion King was arrested Monday on the same charges and has already been denied bond. Three others face charges of theft by receiving stolen property and were also denied bond.

Demetrius Hubbard is expected to make his first court appearance Friday. Investigators still expect to make more arrests.

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