Editorial: Car Crashes Into Buildings

Editorial: Car Crashes Into Buildings

It may seem like a rare occurrence, but cars hit buildings more often than we think.

Last week in Florida, Lily Juliette Quintus was only 4-years old - and was killed in Kindercare - when without warning, a car blasted right thru the classroom wall…12 others were seriously injured.

According to a new study, an average of 60 cars crash into buildings every day - resulting in nearly 500 deaths a year.

That's more than get killed in private plane crashes, in tornadoes, in earthquakes, and more than when struck by lightning.

Those surprising statistics were enough for engineers at Texas A& M to create a national standard for a barrier strong enough to stop a 5-thousand pound vehicle...

Orange County Florida is expected to be the first in the nation to adopt that national standard for all new daycare centers.

We're not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. We're talking about a low-cost solution.

We agree with those pushing for barriers, saying much like airbags in cars were once considered unwarranted - barriers like these - at least in front of daycare centers - should become the standard everywhere.

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