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Controversy continues to swirl surrounding Hillary Clinton's use of a personal e-mail while conducting state department business. Now questions are being raised if a foreign government could have hacked into her account.

  • We'll have the latest on the autopsy findings of a woman killed in a deputy involved shooting in Worth County.
  • Another winter storm is gripping parts of the US this morning. We'll take you live to Kentucky where the snow continues to fall this morning.
  • Artifacts from a Confederate Ironclad that sunk to the bottom of the Savannah River are slowly being removed from the waters. We'll show you what diver's have recovered.
  • Terrifying video to show you of a bus driver slamming into several cars after he falls asleep at the wheel - the punishment the man could receive.
  • And a serial chicken killer could be on the lose. We'll tell you where 320,000 chickens mysteriously died and why authorities say it was no accident.

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