Cordele community group angry commissioner continues to serve

Cordele community group angry commissioner continues to serve

A community group was allowed to speak at the Cordele City Commission meeting Tuesday night after being denied the chance two weeks ago.

Members of My Brother's Keeper and My Sister's Keeper said city officials refused to allow them to address the last meeting because they wanted to bring up their concern that Commissioner Jamie Fernandez was still serving after being arrested on charges he attacked his wife.

Tuesday a representative spoke more generally about the group's desire to improve the community and make sure elected officials are transparent and honest.

"Our intent is to work together with everybody to make Cordele a better place to live. That's our intent overall. Of course, there are always going to be some issues that come up, but at the same time as the people of a community we are owed the right to know what's going on in our community," said Rev. Isaac Owns, My Brother's Keeper Member.

The group was formed last year by people concerned about violence and poverty in Cordele.

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