Editorial: Officer Involved Shooting

Editorial: Officer Involved Shooting

Sheriff Jeff Hobby is the top law officer in Worth County.  Apparently, he believes he's above the law.

This officer, who is sworn to uphold ALL the laws of  Georgia, has taken an illegal stance in refusing to release the name of a deputy who shot and killed a woman.

"I will never release it. If it's up to me, I'll never release the name of the deputy who done the shooting," said Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

That's not how this works, Sheriff.

That deputy's name is public information, defined by Georgia's Open Records Law.

You can't pick and choose the laws you uphold. As a constitutional officer of the state of Georgia, you are sworn to uphold every law enacted by the state.

Your refusal makes you a law breaker and a hypocrite.

Also troubling are the sheriff's statements that "no one needs to be asking questions about the shooting."

That is arrogant and ignorant.  We have an obligation to ask those questions.

It's unfortunate that WALB has to take legal action to get this sheriff to do the right thing. But it's to protect you, the public, from living in a state where elected officials aren't held accountable.

Sheriff Hobby, you don't make the laws - but you have to abide by them.

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