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Israel head of state warns of Iranian nuclear power

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WALB) - In an address the Congress which was boycotted by dozens of Democrats, Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the American government and the American for their steadfast support of his nation, and spoke of the close relationship between his nation and the United States.

His primary remarks were against the current deal being negotiated between Iran and the world's powers, aimed at limiting Iran's ability to make nuclear materials that could be developed into weapons.

Netanyahu said that the head of Iran wants to have 190,000 centrifuges, and could use then to create a nuclear arsenal. If they get them, he said the world's top exporter of terrorism could have the means to deliver atomic bombs to most places of the earth. He said the deal being discussed paves Iran's path to the bomb, and does not block it.

He said the power structure of Iran wants more power and aggression. He asks how many more nations Iran will gobble up when sanctions are lifted.

He said a deal with Iran will be a farewell to arms control, and the region would become a tinderbox.

He said that Iran must stop supporting terrorism around the world, and stop threatening Israel, the only Jewish state. But said that the terms of the deal being discussed now only whet Iran's appetite for more power.

Netanyahu called on Iran to act normal if it wants to be treated as normal.

He said that know-how without infrastructure does little good, and that Iran's power can be rolled back by keeping on pressure on a weak regime. He said Iran's bluff should be called, because they need the deal more than the rest of the world. He calls the current proposal a bad deal, and "we're better off without it."

The alternative is not war, but a "much better deal." One that doesn't leaver Iran with a vast nuclear program; one that Israel could live with, and no country has a bigger stake."

He said the path less taken may be more difficult in the short run, but would be safer for the world. He recognized Nobel Prize winner and holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who rose to a standing ovation in the gallery. He told Wiesel that he inspires us to give meaning to the words "Never Again."

He warned against working for an illusionary peace, and said the days of Israel remaining passive are over, which brought a huge response from the audience. He said we are no longer powerless to defend ourselves, for the first time in a hundred generations.

If Israel has to stand alone, it will stand. But he said that America stands with Israel.

The image of Moses in the chamber was pointed out by the prime minister, and Netanyahu said the Moses lead Israel to the promised land and his message was be strong and resolute, "never fear them," and not to fear the challenges ahead.

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