Community leaders concerned after Albany armed robbery

Community leaders concerned after Albany armed robbery

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Community leaders say they are concerned about violent crime after a convenience store clerk was robbed at gunpoint.

Two masked men charged into the Fairway Store, one pointing a pistol, while the other held up a bag.

"Don't shoot me. You can get everything. You can get it all. Don't shoot me please," the clerk said as surveillance video captured the robbery.

The two men ran out and the two female employees quickly locked the door and called for help.

The store owner was too emotional to talk on camera Tuesday, just saying the most important thing was that no one was hurt.

Stop The Violence board members say frightening robberies like this one are of top concern.

"People needing money and people doing anything to get it. Not thinking about the consequences behind," said Stop the Violence Co Founder Bishop Frederick Williams.

Police say clerks and customers in stores being robbed should do their best to stay calm and give the robbers what they want.

"If the situation doesn't escalate, they are just there to get the property they are going to get, and they are not going to hurt anybody, and they leave. Just let them leave. But once again be the best witness," said Albany Police Captain Michael Persley.

But Bishop Williams said violent armed robberies have store owners on edge.

"Being a business owner, it makes me real nervous in my own store, that we have to beef-up security, to protect our employees," said Williams.

The armed robbers got away with money, and didn't hurt anyone.

The store owner said they would increase security, keeping the doors locked at night until the customers are identified.

If you can help solve this crime with information, call CrimeSTOPPERS at 229-436-TIPS.

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